Employee Benefits

TechMatrix provides outstanding perks to its employees; the majority of these benefits are available to both full-time and contract employees. We are dedicated to giving the best benefits in the industry. Please contact our HR Manager if you require any additional information.

  • Hourly or Yearly Salary Packages Customized Salary Packages (Full time or Split)
  • Paid Vacation (Applicable to full time employees only)
  • Health Insurance with Dental and Vision
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
  • 401(K)enrollment
  • Free Work Visa and Green Card Sponsorship (if needed)
  • Bonus for referrals and incentives
  • Assistance with Relocation (if needed)
  • Continuing Education (if needed)

Performance Reviews

All personnel have their performance reviewed once a year or after one assignment, whichever comes first.

Payroll Deposits

Salary payments will be made through direct deposit in accordance with the payroll schedule.

Assistance with Relocation

If required, the company offers relocation benefits; please discuss this with your recruiter.

Health Insurance

Major Carriers will give health insurance coverage. Our plans include coverage that is both countrywide and in-network.

Continuing Education

All qualifying employees are covered by our Continuing Education programme.

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