TechMatrix Automation Platform(TAP)

TechMatrix Automation Platform (TAP) is the renowned web-based environment; address the hardest infrastructure challenges faced ever, enables the power and flexibility you need to accelerate the phase in a complex world – from rapid provisioning and deployment of IT Hardware to the automated delivery of applications and services — at any scale.

  • TAP configurable integrated components

    Main advantages of TAP

    1. Consistently deploy servers and scale applications throughout your infrastructure.
    2. Implement policies to define and enforce software distribution, patch management, operating system and application compliance, security, and ad-hoc change processes.
    3. Create a blueprint of your infrastructure – so it can be built or rebuilt consistently from scratch in minutes.
    4. Create Notifications for major and minor changes and react remotely, with hand held and mobile devices instantly.
    5. Cost-saving since it is suitable for all types of applications and platforms
    6. Seamless integration and easier communication
    7. Increased productivity as it is an end – to – end solution.
    8. Reduced maintenance since only one software environment is installed
    9. A completely integrated environment with total compatibility between the various tools
    10. More capacity to concentrate on your primary core competence since no extra effort is needed for integrating tools
    11. Extremely easy for new employees to use
    12. Improved motivation with an integrated environment instead of the irritation caused by an uncontrollable environment