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TechMatrix Automated Time Tracking Invoicing(TATTI) Framework

  • Time Tracking

    TATTI provides multiple methods to help you track time renowned way. You can track time manually or using timers. With reminders to help you start, resume or stop the timer automatically.

  • Manual timers

    Manual timers allows the users who spend most of the time in front of the computer, to save the trouble of remembering the exact time when you started, paused or finished an activity.

  • Manual time recording

    Manual time recording allows the user to specify a date, a time interval and a description for the recorded activity. this feature is for who forget to record time or who are not in the front of the computer most of the day, user always record time manually.

  • Renowned timing

    TATTI has ability to set reminders (including idle time detection) to help you start, resume or stop a timer. Instead of relying on users memory and attention to control the timer, user can use these reminders. This is what we call it Renowned.

  • Reporting

    TATTI comes with powerful reports that let you analyze your work in terms of time and money so that you can make the best decisions.

  • Time

    The Timesheet view is very useful if you want to review and edit time. It can help you see:

    1. The time recorded on a certain date, week or month and
    2. The time recorded by client or project.
    3. It can also distinguish between invoiced and uninvoiced time.

  • Projects

    Project reports are designed to help you answer questions about your work like:

    1. How much money have I made this week?
    2. How much money is worth my uninvoiced work?
    3. Who was my best client this year?
    4. TATTI can create reports about time and money for one or more projects that span any time period. You can see these reports structured by project, date, week, month or year.
    5. Project reports can be exported to HTML or PDF.

  • Invoices

    With TATTI you can filter the list of invoices to extract useful information about your business. For instance, you can see:

    1. Which invoices are overdue,
    2. How much the unpaid invoices are worth or
    3. How much you’ve invoiced this year.
    4. The filters allow you to create lots of similar questions about your invoices.

  • Payments

    The payments view can help you see:

    1. How much money you’ve collected this month or quarter,
    2. How much money you’ve collected from a certain client.

  • Multiple users

    If you are part of a team, each member could install TATTI on his or her computer to track time.

    Team members can then export their time and send it to the team leader to prepare invoices for their clients.

  • Projects

    TATTI uses projects, services and expenses to help you track-contracted work. Whether you bill your work using a flat rate or by the hour, TATTI has lots of features to help you earn all the money:

    1. Round time,
    2. Discounts
    3. Subcontracting
    4. Reselling
    5. For greater accuracy, price and units can be entered using two or three decimals.
    6. To help you work with foreign clients, TATTI can handle multiple currencies.
    7. Taxes
    8. Invoices
    9. Payments
    10. Templates