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TechMatrix Automated Workflow Management (TAWM)

The hurdles in finding proper reviews, delayed approvals, process Implementation. These are the major hurdles, which impact your deadlines. With big number of project team, identifying bottlenecks is time consuming – and that makes it hard to take action before it’s too late.

TechMatrix Automated workflow management can help. With TechMatrix, you can automate repetitive functions and regulate the movement of documents.

  • Speed & efficiency

    Streamline and automate reviews and approvals with:

    1. Automation of common processes, like drawing reviews and approvals
    2. Drag-and-drop creation of new workflows, from templates or from scratch
    3. Easy set-up of sub- and parallel workflows
    4. Review processes that can run simultaneously across multiple reviewers
    5. Flexibility to save time by delegating or skipping workflow steps
    6. Alignment of internal and cross-company processes to reduce confusion and increase consistency
    7. Adherence to agreed procedures right across the project.

  • Control & visibility

    Identify, anticipate and resolve bottlenecks with:

    1. A powerful search engine that helps you find and manage workflows and related documents, fast
    2. Extensive reporting, giving real-time visibility of upcoming and outstanding tasks so you can identify process bottlenecks
    3. A single platform to ensure that all project participants follow agreed processes.
    4. You can check approval and completion statuses across the whole project with a bird eye view.
    5. Monitoring of required workflow tasks across all of your projects
    6. A forward view of workflows for every project participant, allowing better planning and prioritization of work.