Performance Test Lead

  • Schedule calls with all the stakeholders and understand application architecture along with upstream and    down streams
  • Document Non-functional requirements and operations of the system that will satisfy the use cases.
  • Creating KT /design documents on architecture and use cases of the application
  • Develop Performance test infrastructure and environment setup
  • Tool identification for testing, monitoring and framework creation
  • Identification of the use case scenarios to be scripted
  • Specification of the total user load to be simulated for each test case/user story
  • To create script, we must find appropriate protocol to be used for the application and sometimes we can get this protocol information from dev team but most of the time we can find out using multiple options from the tool
  • Choosing the Protocol to be used and Create test script based on the scenarios choose in planning phase.
  • Creation of test data for different scenarios of performance test and if required we will be creating different test scripts for data handling
  • Multiple scenarios will be prepared based on the requirements and the testing will be planned for specified duration with the derived load
  • Communicate timelines, progress, delays of the work assigned on daily basis from the team to the client and vice versa
  • Holds review meetings to review the scripts, scenarios and executions held by offshore team.
  • Schedule and manage Client call and offshore calls for status updates.
    • document the functional requirements and operations of the system (calculations, technical details, data manipulation and processing, others) that will satisfy the use cases.
    • As Baxter supports various medical device applications, it’s very important to continuously support the clients with improved processes, methods and tools which reside on different technologies. As a developer, the responsibility is to present and develop best feasible solutions with greater effectiveness.
    • Responsible for designing innovative next generations systems as well as supporting on-market products.
    • Ensures successful integration of software with electromechanical and consumable components. Contributes to troubleshooting and problem solving efforts related to software aspects of the design and interfaces with other design constituents.
    • Deploying the code from Dev to QA and QA to Production environment by using migration tools (STAT, PHIRE).

Minimum Qualification Required: Bachelor's degree (or the equivalent) in a directly and closely related field.

  • Experience 2 Years
  • Location USA
  • Job Title Performance Test Lead
  • Job Type Full-Time
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