Case Studies

TechMatrix is Client IT Support Partner

The Client
A longtime partner to Client, TechMatrix is the company’s Trusted Advisor when it comes to solving IT support issues. The TechMatrix and Client relationship began more than three years ago, as TechMatrix provided Sun support and maintenance for Client. Over time the support relationship expanded to include additional UNIX staff augmentation, help desk support and logistics. Today, TechMatrix is Client’s “go-to” support provider for all major IT support needs.

The Challenge
Over the past three years Client has faced a number of IT support challenges as the company has expanded to meet market demand for its innovative products.

The Solution
In 2012 Client had reached a critical growth point and needed to bring on an external sales staff to meet market demand for its innovative products. Senior vice president of Information Technologies at Client realized, his team would need to expand to support the IT needs of this remote sales team. He knew from experience that the IT partner he should work with was TechMatrix. As Client’s sales team continued to grow—from 60 people to more than 500 – TechMatrix was able to scale with Client, continuing to provide exceptional service on a regular basis.

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