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Harmonizing IT Infrastructure, Global Managed Firewall Solution Provides Scalability and Reliability, Flexible, Cost-Effective Multivendor Maintenance Support, Tech Matrix is Client IT Support Partner


Harmonizing IT Infrastructure


The Client
The client is a leading global provider of human resources and management consulting services with over 5,000 employees working in multiple Countries. When the company began to look for an alternative to their OEM for supporting their Sun/Oracle server and storage infrastructure needs, they turned to Tech Matrix based on success with a former client engagement. Tech Matrix’s multivendor maintenance support service enabled them to retain their 24x7x365 support level and realize cost savings of up to 50%.

The Business Challenge
The organization was looking for an option to renew support on their Sun/Oracle systems, many that were post warranty. Their infrastructure consisted of approximately 200 servers throughout two data centers located in the United States. Their existing service provider was charging them higher support costs, and lacking communication and flexibility in their SLA’s. They were interested in reducing their costs while simultaneously increasing their levels of support and customization of service needs. As their existing OEM contract had expired they were in need of a service partner that could adapt quickly to help implement their support needs.

The Solution
Tech Matrix provided a cost-effective support solution that met the client’s needs for 24x7x365 server support from a dedicated team of certified experts with faster response times and an increased level of communication. The client is able to take advantage of remote troubleshooting as well as on site repairs to ensure minimal downtime. With a 50% cost reduction in support charges, the organization significantly reduced its budget for server and storage support.

Tech Matrix’s dedicated account team also established monthly on-site service reviews to ensure that the transition from the OEM to Tech Matrix support was managed successfully, and that ongoing support requests were meeting the highest levels of customer satisfaction.


Global Managed Firewall Solution Provides Scalability and Reliability


The Client
The client is a leader in digital security technologies with global operations , With billions of end users depending on the reliability and security of their technology, the company was in need of a proven and trusted global provider that could scale to their needs and continue to grow to meet the demands of their evolving infrastructure. Tech Matrix extensive experience implementing effective network and security solutions, and past successes implementing and managing complex firewall environments, enabled them to provide a customized total management and monitoring solution that securely protected the client’s critical data.

The Business Challenge
The client’s data centers spanned three locations and their existing network infrastructure was not able to support the fast growth of the company and the demands of their growing customer base. One area of concern was that weekly infrastructure outages were occurring that they could not find the root cause for, resulting in an extensive amount of transactional failures and customer losses. The client also had specific needs around their firewalls and they did not have the internal resources and skills to manage this area of their operations.

With the client’s infrastructure services focusing on three critical and complex areas of transactional processes – cell phone SIM chip card services, e-wallet registration services and merchant approval services – they were projecting a large transactional growth.

The client was seeking a qualified services provider that could not only design and integrate a customized solution on a global scale in multiple time zones, but also manage the products and services as a total infrastructure solution. With over 20 years of global expertise and certified engineering experts, Tech Matrix Security Practice provided the client with a total solution of consultancy, integration, support and managed services. Tech Matrix was able to deliver a customized services approach to the client’s business needs that focused on all areas of their infrastructure that incorporated solution design, multilayer firewall migration and managed security services.


Flexible, Cost-Effective Multivendor Maintenance Support


In today’s accelerating customer demands – with challenging financial services requirements, shrinking margins and increasing risk – what distinguishes one transaction from another is not necessarily the function it provides, but the business value it delivers. Through real-time information from pioneering expertise and technology in payment processing, risk management and business process outsourcing, Tech Matrix delivers innovative solutions that make transactions more profitable.

Choose the most strategic combination of Tech Matrix solutions. Implement one component at a time with no service disruption, or let us design a fully integrated solution that takes into account both your current needs and your future growth. Move seamlessly between solutions you manage yourself or turnkey services we manage for you – while maintaining the service levels your customers depend on. No matter how big or small your business, Tech Matrix offers flexible solution packages tailored to meet your operating demands.


Tech Matrix is Client IT Support Partner


The Client
A longtime partner to Client, Tech Matrix is the company’s Trusted Advisor when it comes to solving IT support issues. The Tech Matrix and Client relationship began more than three years ago, as Tech Matrix provided Sun support and maintenance for Client. Over time the support relationship expanded to include additional UNIX staff augmentation, help desk support and logistics. Today, Tech Matrix is Client’s “go-to” support provider for all major IT support needs.

The Challenge
Over the past three years Client has faced a number of IT support challenges as the company has expanded to meet market demand for its innovative products.

The Solution
In 2012 Client had reached a critical growth point and needed to bring on an external sales staff to meet market demand for its innovative products. Senior vice president of Information Technologies at Client realized, his team would need to expand to support the IT needs of this remote sales team. He knew from experience that the IT partner he should work with was Tech Matrix. As Client’s sales team continued to grow—from 60 people to more than 500 – Tech Matrix was able to scale with Client, continuing to provide exceptional service on a regular basis.

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